Feb 8, 2011

Аспирантура (3/6)

I applied to graduate school.

Sometime in the months of Mart or Aprel (just warming up the ol' Russian), I'll be getting word from three different graduate programs, and will tell you all the news. If you know me, you can share in my joys or sorrows, and if you just read the blog, you can feign an interest in the comments section. In applying, I tried to hedge my bets, apply to a variety of programs in a variety of locations, and otherwise give myself some options for the coming years. I'll be awaiting word from

1) University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I applied to the Professional Golf Management program, a subdivision of their Center for Grassland Studies,
2) Oxford University's Department of Atomic and Laser Physics, and
3) The University of Tromsø, in northern Norway, where I applied for a Master's in Telemedicine and E-Health.

For any of the three, I'm hoping to incorporate my Russian and apply the topics to a Russian framework. That's the challenge and the joy of grad school - you really do chart your own course. All the programs I've applied to, though, are pretty selective, so I really don't know what to expect. Don't count your chickens before they come home to roost, as the Russians say.

All those plans, of course, hinge on my fluency in Russian, which is ultimately the reason I'm returning. To that end, follow the hyperlink to learn a bit about this newest trip to Russia.

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