Feb 8, 2011

Спасибо за посещение! (6/6)

I'm sure you all noticed the re-design, with it's luxurious mahogany backdrop and the clip-art picture of an old map. You may not have noticed, though, the blog's newest feature. It counts how many pageviews I get! So today, each of you visited my blog at least six times, and if you fell for my little "refresh to see the pictures" gimmick, maybe 9 or 10 times. Same with the link to the West Virginia entry, thought I could wring another one or two out that way. Thanks for playing!

Please refresh your browser, though it only seems to register if you wait a few seconds first. I'll see you in Russia!


Carrie said...

OK, mixed response to the background. You could be a little more creative than the stock templates, couldn't you?! Geesh. Also, I'm outsmarting your blog counter - I read your posts via RSS feed on my Google Reader. WAIT...DAMN...to post this comment I had to visit your blog, so alas you've counted me.

Carrie said...

Oh and also, you can see how many hits you're getting in the "stats" menu of your blog designer. You can see where people are coming from, what they're looking at while they're there, etc. Kind of creepy, but interesting nonetheless.

Iosif Markovich said...

I hate the new template too, I'll probably change it back within a day. I also don't like how they've made the pageview counter a little smarter... it doesn't fall for rapid refreshes like it did originally.

Joanna said...

I was hoping for something a bit more innovative too. The map doesn't even have Russia visible. shoddy. Also, I want more pictures and less tricks that make me refresh the page 5 times ("few" can be interpreted many ways).

Kam said...

Man, I thought all the comments were going to be so positive and encouraging, but they're all so semi-ironic and stuff. Anyway, I appreciate the Norway nod and I only discovered one grammatical error in the whole set of entries, which, given all the gimmicks you were trying to pull off, was probably the least of your concerns. Plus that whole HIV thing.

I, for one, appreciate being counted multiple times. As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

I bet they say that in Russia, too.