Feb 8, 2011

Среднее время по Майкопу (5/6)

I leave this Monday. I'll be traveling by bus from my West Virginia home to Boston-Logan, then flying to Washington Dulles, then to Vienna, and surprisingly, miraculously, directly to Krasnodar in the Caucasus. For the aviators out there, that's BOS to IAD to VIE to (the perhaps lesser-known) KRR.

In the mean time, I'm reading Anna Karenina, because not unlike Anna herself, the cumulative weight of guilt in my life (in my case, for being a student of Russia and not reading Anna Karenina) was pulling me inexorably towards suicide on the railroad tracks. Or to adapt for today's readers, suicide on the runway at KRR. It's something of a race to the finish - I'm reading at record speed, so that I might bring those 4 pounds of culture to Russia in my heart and mind, instead of in my suitcase.

I'm also adjusting my sleep schedule to Maikop time, in a daring experiment to conquer jetlag. In past trips, I've tried to do it by sheer force of intellect, but alas, that don't work. This time, I'm going to bed earlier and earlier, so that I'll comfortably wake up at 4:00 the morning I leave, or noon in Maikop. I'll tell you how it goes.

I challenge any of you to find the common thread that links all of these miniature posts. Like a prizefighter, I've written circles around all of you, each blow only registering once I've moved on to the next.

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