Jan 16, 2008

Найдите нас на Google! (Photo collection, Moscow and Petersburg)

Hey everyone, great news! Due to your loyalty, and willingness to tell weird people i've never met to read the blog, I've made it to Google! Type in "Time Flying" into the search box, and then click "next 10 results" 54,000 times, and its the second to last one at the bottom!

OR if you're pressed for time, you can type "Time Flying Blog Siberia Irkutsk Uzbek Babushka Sour Cream," and its the first hit!

Seriously, thanks everyone... I couldn't have done it without you. Here are some pretty pictures as a reward; more to come later. These are all in Moscow or St. Petersburg; the Scandinavian adventure comes next.

St. Disney's Cathedral on Red Square, Moscow.

Also on Red Square, the coolest place in the world, the Kremlin Wall Necropolis and Lenin's Mausoleum, complete with his creepy mummified body. And if you press your face real hard against your monitor, you can see Stalin's grave, too.

I've never seen more gigantic cannons in a single week in my life. This one is on a boat on the frozen Neva River, St. Petersburg.

My family, or a similar family, in front of the Bronze Horseman statue in St. Petersburg.

Church on the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg. This is where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, but i won't bore you with details. If you're interested, check out my Alexander II blog at allthingsalexanderII.blogspot.com.

Wormhole, between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It's not always the most relaxing mode of transport, but you can do what would be a 6-hour train ride in a fraction of a second.

Haha, just kidding. That one was a chandelier in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. My sister gets wormhole-sick, even if she takes dramamine, so we opted for the 6-hour train. This is my blurry brother and me.

Also on the frozen Neva, this time from the Peter and Paul Fortress. See my Baltic Fortresses blog for more like this one, balticfortressguy87.blogspot.com.

And finally, Irkutsk, in the park with all the amazing ice sculptures. I photographed all of them, but this is just the entrance. For the rest, ohgodsendice.blogspot.com


hillary said...

you look so russian

hillary said...

like a russian scorpion. this boy i work with at the library had two pet scorpions, named eddie murphy and malcolm x. malcolmx x ate eddie murphy.

beth said...

so, most of those photos were postcards. right? or have you photo shopped your pictures? they look fantastically unreal. how beautiful.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Now that you have a blog you should develop the really bad habit of google blog searching your name. Now that you know, it's only a matter of time before your web browser goes wandering and ultimate internet self-absorption sets in. Oh yeah ::smokes cigarette: I do it but all that comes up is some prolifically annoying poet with my name. Maybe you'll have better luck.