Oct 12, 2007

Безопасность в России (On Safety in Russia)

Due to a number of complaints/concerns from the reader-base... I decided to write a short entry about my own safety here, so as to calm all the worries.

As you may or may not have heard, in different countries, there are sometimes different laws, social standards and customs than there are in America. Weird but true, I know. And so as a foreigner, life is a terrifying minefield of potential embarassment and trouble, all the time, except maybe when I'm sleeping.

But don't worry! Everything is okay, and today I'm officially promising to be extra super careful from now on. Our program gave us a very good list of places to avoid, comments/conversations not to have, and people not to mingle with. And of course, I always follow those instructions carefully. But I understand why my blog has people worried. I've talked to all the worried parties separately, so i won't get into details, but here's the deal. From now on... if any of you see anything on the blog that concerns you, tell me and I'll delete it right away. But also, I'm going to be even more careful about sarcasm and generalizations, on the blog, and of course in my actual life here.

After all... I'm actually really enjoying my time here... and although i haven't done a proper entry about it yet, I'm pretty sure I'm living in the most culture-rich country in the whole world. I'm trying real hard to take it all in, although of course that isn't quite possible. And I definitely don't want it to seem like I'm just sitting here laughing at everyone and everything around me.

Or rather... I am trying to laugh at everything around me, but in the sense of "laughter is the best medicine, and will keep me from going nuts," not "hahahahaha, why can't these crazy people just be more like americans??"

So that's the deal. I'm sorry to anybody who's been worried, and I hope this'll be the last time it comes up.

And life goes on! So stick around for the next entry, it's going to be more interesting than anything you've ever read in your life. It'll shock you, it'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, and the pictures I post will be on the cover of every photography journal in the hemisphere. The story will twist in and out of several brilliantly intertwined motifs, each infinitely deep and thought-provoking. The reflections will make you not just think about me, but take a look inward, at yourselves, reviving a sense of passion and fascination with your world that you haven't felt since childhood. And the question will keep you up at night, bouncing off the inner walls of your mind, forcing you to question even the most solid foundations of your worldview.

I'd write it now, but I have to go memorize the names of all the different farm animals, and the sounds they make. It's a homework assignment.


Question: Where did pigeons live, before there were cities? And what did they eat, before there was garbage?


geoff said...

another solitary comment (unless all the others have already been scrubbed by the thought police). the way things are going on this side of the pond, we're the ones who have to be looking over our verbal shoulders. you may not have the FISA act over there, but over here it's ignored, so what's the difference?

Iosif Markovich said...

Ha, you can't sneak a comment past me.

By the way, you're nuts.