Oct 9, 2007

Собачье сало (On the Chinese)

Oh oh, I have another story!

So, I was at the Dacha last weekend, working in the garden.

Actually, let me backtrack. They told us in orientation, that the concept of 'politicaly correct' does not exist here, and to be prepared for comments that we might consider racist or offensive. And man, is it true, every day. I guess it doesn't harm anybody; I can count the number of blacks and hispanics I've seen here on one finger. And he was at the airport in Moscow, maybe he just took the wrong flight or something.

Anyway, I was at the Dacha, working in the garden, and noticed that Ninel was working on one of the fences all day. First, she was shoveling dirt along the bottom of it, and then she started to stack up old wood and sheet metal along it. So I walked over, to ask her what she was up to.

See, a few weeks ago, a new dog wandered into the dacha. We named him Lyova, and we all like him a whole lot, but he's got a habit of running away. So I figured that Ninel was trying to keep the dog from getting out. She told me, that she didn't mind if he ran away, because he always wandered back. But the neighbors on the other side of that particular fence were Chinese, she explained, and she just wanted to make sure Lyova didn't get eaten before he had a chance to come home. True story.


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geoff said...

we can't have a post with no comments, so let the record show that i enjoyed meeting lyova and sure hope that fence holds.